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Immediate implantation

Immediate Dental Implantation (Same Day Fixed Teeth)

Today, the implantologist is able to achieve high success rates if an implant system with good properties (design and surface) is selected and loaded immediately. Modern industry and its innovative technology produce numerous quality-assured implant designs and surfaces that promote osteogenesis and rigid bone-implant bonding. Selecting an implant system with good thread design and rough surface is a reliable means of assuring the quality of the immediate loading concept, even in areas with poor-quality bone.

Naturally, the surgeon’s experience is especially significant if an immediate loading concept is used.

It is imperative that the surgeon should produce a systematic presurgical planning after meticulous oral examination, X-Ray/ CBCT evaluation for every clinical case in his mind and carry out the treatment very carefully for successful results.

The patient must maintain oral hygiene and comply with the surgeon’s instructions. Optimum results can only be achieved if the entire implantology team is highly committed and takes an interdisciplinary approach.

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