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Dr. Kumar's Advanced Dental Implant Centre


Surgery Unit IV

W&H Physio Dispensor

Piezotome (Acteon, Satelec)

It is a spacious, tidy and hygienic surgery equipped with world class latest gadgets and instruments like:

Noble Guide

A computerised implant surgery planning software(NOBEL BIOCARE SWEDEN) which provide round the clock help from Sweden .

NobelClinician Software facilities diagnostics and planning of implant-supported treatment solutions.

Nobel Clinician ( Nobel guide software) is used to plan dental implant treatment by utilizing the digitized patient data (medical or cone beam CT data ( CBCT) of the patient, and optionally the scanned radiographic guide, representing the diagnostic tooth setup).

NobelClinician Software is the next generation software for digital diagnostics and treatment planning. Through various pre-defined workspaces any DICOM file can be reviewed and analyzed. NobelClinician Software facilitates team collaboration and comes with an unparalleled ease of use. 

Moreover Nobel Guide – a new 3D design software providing help to implantologist’s to plan cases from surgery to prosthetics.

Noble Biocare guided surgery system which enables clinician to replace missing and hopeless teeth same day.

Digora Imaging System DIGORA® Optime Classic

Digital imaging plate system FINLAND

Very latest computerised x-ray system which save pictures from unnecessary overdose of X-rays.

The DIGORA® Optime intraoral Digital Imaging System is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. The DIGORA® Optime is small, easy to use and fast to operate. Together with DIGORA® for Windows dental imaging software, it will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency.

Comfortable and safe

Thin, flexible and wireless imaging plates are comfortable for the patient. Original DIGORA® hygiene accessories are designed for unique patient comfort and safe use with ease. Waterproof and hypo‐allergenic* hygiene bags together with Opticover protective cover provide the best hygienic protection and imaging plate shield possible**.

Unique DIGORA® hygiene concept benefits the whole imaging workflow with reduced contamination risk and improved patient and user safety.

Implant Systems

We have available various implant systems which are used by inventor of Implant Dentistry Dr. P. I Branemark and many more world renowned implantologists .

1. Noble Biocare

Nobel Biocare Implant placement Surgical Kit for different situations

Nobel Biocare is a world leader in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions, providing dental professionals with state-of-the-art evidence –based tooth-to-root solutions.

Their strategy is tiltled “Designing for Life” to reflect their mission of improving the quality of life of each patient treated and to provide their innovation program with the ambition to design products of such a superior quality that they are capable of lasting for the lifetime of the patient.

Nobel Biaocare draw on industry’s longest heritage - 40 yrs – of original scientific research and innovation in restorative dentistry, starting with P.-I. Branemark’s discovery of osseointegration .

Nobel Biocare produced the first dental implant and were the first to industrialize the commercial manufacture of dental implants and CAD/CAM-based prosthetics.

As the pioneer in their industry, they have a long tradition of innovation and clinical excellence . They provide a leading portfolio of products and solutions to help patients’ needs in the best possible way. Their wide range of top quality products can restore missing or hopeless teeth from root to crown.

The company has released many innovations over the last forty –plus years , all of which have helped to set the standards for patient s’ rehabilitation.

Many dental solutions , such as the Nobel Active implant, All-on-4 concept for all situations.

Moreover Nobel Guide – a new 3D design software providing help to implantologist’s to plan cases from surgery to prosthetics.

Noble Biocare guided surgery system which enables clinician to replace missing and hopeless teeth same day.

2. Ankylos

Ankylos Implant Placement Surgical Kit

Ankylos Try in Kit

Dentsply Friadent, Germany.

Certainly a Brilliant Choice

For more than 20 years, the Ankylos System developed by Prof. G.H Nentwig and Dr. Dipl.lng Walter Moser with its tissue care connection using taper principal has stood for successful long term hard and tissue stability and long term red-white aesthetics.

The true value of an implant system first becomes apparent when it establishes permanent relationship. Ankylos has been confirmed to retain the stability of hard tissue (bone) and soft tissue (gums and skin) and ensures naturally beautiful red and white aesthetics (teeth and gum) for many years after implant placement.

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3. Osstem Dental Implant Systems


Oral Implantation is an essential part of dental treatment in the world in particular to replace damaged teeth. The awareness to” look good and feel better” craze among the people is rising day by day. The phenomenon results from dental implant therapy effectiveness, which has fully verified as an efficient treatment option and from the increasing need to replace damaged and missing teeth that look ,feel and work like natural teeth.

Osstem implants are used in 45 countries all over the world including U.S.A, Japan, China, India and Germany as well as Korea. In 2010 the company posted sales of USD 50 million in the global market.

4. Biomet 3i

Biomet 3i was co founded in 1987 by an engineer and a Periodontist. It offers lines of dental implants, prosthetic components and regenerative products. There are many implant dentistry’s most comprehensive and well received.

Biomet 3i is recognised as one of the global leaders in the oral reconstruction market flare and remains committed to achieving simplicity through innovation to give clinicians the tools to provide patients with the best implant therapy available, has headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.

Piezotome- SATELEC

Piezotome (Acteon, Satelec)

Invention of Piezoelectric ultrasonic generator for dentistry, is entering a new era by adapting powerful ultrasonics to implant surgery. It is designed with the objective to respond to the drawbacks encountered with traditional instruments and give access to such delicate operations such as osteotomies, osteoplasties, ridge expansion, syndesmotomies and sinus lift. SATELEC ultrasonic (Piezotome) power generator offers comfort, safety and precision to practitioner during delicate surgeries as well as atraumatic treatments (no bone loss or bleeding) fast healing and greatly reduced post operative pain.

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Armamentarium for implant surgery

Surgical Bone Split Kit Osstem

Sinus Lift Surgical Kit Osstem

Surgical Sinus Lift Kit Osstem

Surgical Osteotomes (Bone Condenser Kit) Salvin, USA.

Surgical Bone Split Kit Osstem

Surgical Bone Spreader Kit Osstem

Dental Instruments are the tools that dental professionals use to examine, restore, remove and replace teeth.

It is a prime duty of whole dental staff to use Superior Quality and Technology instruments for the benefit of their patients and contentment of their own mind.

Firstly they should know which instrument is essential in current situation.

Secondly they should be fully expertise to use that particular instrument. Even on examination of any dental problem he/she should know use or not use of ..... a probe/explorer.

A trained dentist always love each and every instrument that he uses in routine dental procedures. It should be kept in mind that the care and mantainance of every instrument/equipment is necessary .

The procedure that make sure that dental armamentarium is clean, bacteria or spores free is known as sterilization. To know more click here.

Advanced sterilization

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We always adhere to all the guidelines of international governing body.

Kumar Dental Hospital is certified ISO 9001:2008 and accredited with this international body. We do our best in our dental office to ensure safety and well being of our staff and patients.

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